IMSVISUAL Board Updates

We welcome Dr. Axel Petzold as new member in the IMSVISUAL Board of Directors. Dr. Petzold graduated from the Medical University of Freiburg (Germany). He received his MD in Experimental Ophthalmology with Ted Sharpe (University of Freiburg) and his PhD in Biochemistry with Ed Thompson (University College London). He trained as a neurologist in France (Lyon), Germany (Munich) and the United Kingdom (London). He currently works as consultant neurologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital London UK, the UCL Institute of Neurology and the VU Medical Center Amsterdam. In his research he focusses on axonal degeneration mainly in multiple sclerosis and optic nerve disease but also other diseases and models.

Dr. Petzold follows Dr. Villoslada, who now works at Genentech as Senior Medical Director, Late Clinical Development Neurosciences. We wish Dr. Villoslada all the best at Genentech and thank him for his tremendous effort to found IMSVISUAL.

We also welcome Dr. Lisanne Balk as new member of the IMSVISUAL Working Committee. Dr. Balk is a clinical epidemiologist, currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at the MS Centre, VU Medical Centre Amsterdam. Her research is focused on the use of optical coherence tomography in MS.

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